Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Constantly Inconstant

Oh, the world. The earth is constantly changing, the people are constantly looking for something new, the world is always in motion. We live in a world of momentum. Act and react, go and keep going, stop and do nothing. But either way, there's always something happening. And we are always changing. I know this because that is how I am. I'm constantly moving, constantly changing. I'm constantly inconstant. One day I'll like this article of clothing and the next I'll decide that I prefer the other. One day I'll be so happy and the other I'll be in the dumps. One day I'll have made my mind up on something, and the other I'll change it again. So this is something you should know about me. You must keep up or I'll leave you in the dust. Because this is the only thing about myself I'm certain of: I never stay the same.