Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ya me voy

Indeed, I have redesigned my blog once again. I apologize. I do realize I change it a lot, but change is good. I'm really happy with the layout on this one ^^ Anyways, Lily inspired me to change my blog appearance so I did. One good thing is, the title of the blog is still the same.
Packing is painful. But luckily, I'm almost done. I'm going to miss everyone so much. But I'm also excited and looking forward to my future.

He hecho muchos amigos este año, y solo quiero agradecerles por ser tan especiales y apoyarme tanto, y aunque tal vez no se den cuenta, me han influido mucho y son muy buenos amigos. Les agradezco tanto, y les voy a extrañar muchisimo. Me diverti mucho este año con ustedes. Conoci a mucha gente nueva que me han ayudado con mi vida y me han dado consejos muy buenos.
Especialmente voy a extrañar a Enrique, Ale, Pedro, Dan, Mika, Sofi, mis amigos de cosplay, mis compañeros, etc.
Enserio, ustedes son la onda y aunque talvez ustedes no lo sepan, les voy a extrañar demasiado. Hay algunos de ustedes que solo he conocido por un año, pero son muy buenos amigos y me he divertido tanto con ustedes.

Keren-ha, I'm going to miss you too. You're incredibly special to me. I don't know how I'll get by without you by my side, to tell my secrets and stories to. I just want you to know that I'm going to miss you more than you know, and I'm so thankful that you're my best friend and you're around when I need you. You have influenced me in such a way that I know my life would have never been this awesome without you. We have so many memories, and each single moment with you has been held closely in my heart. You're the most special person I've ever met; your name does show who you are. A ray of brilliant light. Keep on shining, keep on helping people and being the beautiful person you are, inside and out.
If you ever need me, call, and I'll do my best to get to you. Even if we're in two separate countries, talk to me. I'm going to miss you so, so much. I can't put into words how much.

Mik, you are incredibly awesome. You're my partner in crime, and you have no idea how much that means to me. I'm glad I've finally found someone I can be ridiculously enthusiastic with, even if it's about the smallest things. I'm glad you're my cosplay partner and you share such incredible ideas with me. I'm looking forward to carrying out all our plans, from the Pirates of the Caribbean cosplay and skit to your awesome business ideas. You've been a marvelous friend to be around, and I love it that it's so easy to find ways to amuse ourselves together. I've had so much fun for the time I've known you, and you've made these last few weeks in Mexico a downright blast.
Continue being a great friend, and being friendly to everyone you meet ^^

And for everyone else, I will of course miss you guys too. You're made of awesome.

PS, I know I'm writing this a bit early, considering I'm leaving in a week, not 2 hours, but I doubt I'll want to write in it then.

Wish me luck people! I will miss you all!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


It's been too long since I've written a blog post. So here I am.
School and moving is stressful; I haven't even started packing. I have so much stuff to sort through I don't know how I'm going to start.
On a happier note, that awesome camera that we bought in North Carolina, we thought we didn't have a memory stick for it and the one we had for the other camera that we use didn't fit. Weeeeeeeell, I tried it out to day, and SURPRISE! It does. So. I did a bit of experimenting with the camera and it is THE COOLEST DANG THING ON EARTH. Just... So amazing and gadgety. IT HAS A FREAKING PANORAMA SETTING. Oh, so happy making :D So yeah. Content Maya.
Nic is here, and I haven't even gotten to see her yet >:C Eh, in due time.
Dan is supposedly coming over tomorrow and I'm wondering if I can convince Peter to go too... Hmm... Either that or I'll have to visit him on Saturday. Arghblarghbalahght!
Anyone wanna help me pack? Dx I feel like I'm going to leave to North Carolina and forget some super important thing like my laptop or something and freak out D:
I probably have a ton more stuff I could write about, but I'm just going to leave it at this. Ciao.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Here is a Story

Now is as good a time as ever to write a new blog post.
Right now I'm in my living room, listening to some indie song while my cats lay on either side of me. It's quiet, I'm chatting and old friend and a new friend, listening to the windchimes ring.
I think Kashka has a tic in her right eye. It keeps twitching.
A person at my school started following me on twitter yesterday. I'm not sure what to think about it, considering how he never really acknowledges me and I have an awkward past with him and I don't really hold him in very high respects and all that. It's just... ugh. I might as well write about it, it's not that bad.
So at the beginning of school I had a severe crush on him. And I sort of let him know it, which was the stupidest thing I could have done. Also he was totally out of my league. I guess I could call him the school's Cumberbatch (Although he's still nowhere near being as perfectly gorgeous as Cumberbatch is). Okay, well he was sort of *my* Cumberbatch. There are people that could disagree with me.
Anyways, I really liked him, and it was getting nowhere, I was getting frustrated, and I sorta freaked out and made a fool of myself. Needless to say, I stopped liking him like, 2 months later, although it seemed like ages.
Time passed, we never talked; it's almost impossible to talk to him. He's infuriating that way. Things were... Getting better, I guess. I didn't have feelings for him anymore, and I honestly thought he wasn't worth being friends with either. We finally started to acknowledge each other after a big gap of no talking, nothing. I was sort of mad at him for not wanting me, to be honest.
By that time, I had finally built that concrete wall around my heart. Thank God. Then Valentine's day came around and I was paired up with him on the "cute couples" poster. Aaaand a lot of the feelings came rushing back. He never shows any emotion or anything, like, ever. So I pretended I hated that my name was followed by his with a big heart in the background. I didn't care afterwards, I just wanted him to *feel* something, you know?
After that I just started ignoring him again, and now recently I've been catching looking at me every once in a while. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking.
Traces of what I once felt for him are coming back, along with a resentment that he never did anything. He's like a robot. He can be programmed to be totally gorgeous but he won't feel anything because in the end he's going to destroy the world or something. With these big nuclear bombs or lasers that were hidden behind his dark, almost black eyes. And the target is my heart. Then he'll stomp on the ashes and return back to his programmers in space or something.
Agh, sidetracked. Back to what I was talking about. I still feel some longing for him, and I wonder, "what if...?" But nah. The moment passed, he had his chance and he blew it. I've just been thinking about him a lot more than I should be.
Remember that dream I told you guys about how I liked this guy but he never acknowledged my existence because he felt bad because he was gay? Well that was him. Hehe. It honestly made me laugh when I woke up. I'm not taking all of this too seriously though, although I am a bit peeved that he started following my twitter. I guess that's just what people do. I don't know f I should follow him back. He's just... Ugh. Annoying.
Hehe, well, there's a little story about my past and stupid teenage angst.
Oh, and I'm only posting this because MayaLogic™ is down. If it were working, I would totally keep this to myself. But I feel like I needed to get it out because it's been on my chest for a while and I don't know why I'm thinking about him so much because he's not even that charming or anything there's just something about him that makes me go "wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" in my tummy and now I'm rambling so I should prolly stop now or it's gonna get really bad.