Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nothing but Feelings

So, I hung out with Mik a lot for the past 24 hours or so. It was great, filled with tons of laughs and great ideas. Mik introduced me to the vlogbrothers, which is made out of pure awesomeness. You guys should check it out for yourselves. Anyways, the first thing I did when I got home was watch some more of their videos. After delving deeper and deeper into the recesses of their videos, I found the video Rest in Awesome, Esther. While watching the video, I nearly cried. Wanting to know more about her, I went to her YouTube channel.
oiHSFIS SIFHSOIDF ihsafihds.ogisgoi eo
See, Esther had cancer. *Sigh* I cried so hard. Watching her videos and getting a tiny glimpse of her life was... I can't even describe it (Touching, sad, enlightening, symathetic, depressing, lovable, with a lot of epicness thrown in). Esther passed away about 4 months ago. Just seeing how much she cared for her family and how afraid she was made me cry. From what I could tell, Esther was an amazing person, even if she might have thought otherwise. She will be remembered, and she will rest in awesome.

Thank you, Mik, for introducing me to the vlogbrothers, and thank you, vlogbrothers for introducing me to Esther.

Welcome to Nerdfighteria, Maya.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Heh, this was all for nothing.
I'm mad. I'm very, very mad.
But at least I'm laughing. Even though it's sardonic.
I'm still smiling.
I care, yes, but I honestly realized it wasn't worth it.
I'd really like to get a knife. A really dull knife.... Wait, no. Better, I'll use my freaking fingernails and SCRATCH HIS EYES OUT!
You have no idea how becoming that idea is to me right now.
I hope that when this is all over, that girl will break his stupid little heart.
He deserves it.
He broke mine many a time.
And he mended it again.
And then he broke it. Again.
Well, I hope he regrets it when he sees how happy I am.
I'm over him. Oh yes, you heard me. I'm over it.
And I SO hope I get to break his heart later on.

Tataa, my friends. Happiness awaits me.

Am I jealous?

Hah. No.
I'm just irritated.
I seriously wish I could do that.
I guess "Suddenly I see" by KT Tunstall would be the song that fits my situation right now... Somewhat. Meh. Not really. I just like the song.

Once I finish translating my christmas story, I will post it on here.
Nutcracker rehearsals are tiring, but it's almost over.
Harumm. That was a good cookie. Thanks, Keira! IT WAS GINGERBREAD! :D

Oh yeah! My leg is totally messed up. Like, the ball of my foot is all weird, and then my ankle, then my knees, and finally, my hip. Like, the entire leg is out of whack. And it hurts. And I WANT IT GOOOONE! I mean, I'm gonna be dancing on it and I can't exactly be limping around the dance floor. Oh well. It will get better. I hope....

On a different note, Mik is coming! Yay!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

D: Tooo eaaaaarllyyyy!

So... I had to write a story for spanish. It had to be a christmas story. I wrote it. It's a work of art no matter what you guys say. A work of art despite the length, typos, cheesy jokes, etc. It's a masterpiece to me and I actually laughed when I read it over.
I went to bed at 2 AM this morning. Writing the story, doing my scarf, and watching glee. That episode made me want to cry, by the way. So freaking touching!
I woke up at 5 AM. Why? Because I needed to take a shower and my mom locked the puppies up in the bathroom. That had the only shower available at the time. Sooo, I hear this alarm, BEEP BEEP BEEP (the annoying type of Beep) and I groggily and reluctantly got up, wondering if the apocalypse would happen since I was waking up at such an ungodly hour. Well, it pretty much did. My plan consisted of waking up, silently moving the puppies to the exterior of the shower, and taking my nice, hot, relaxing shower. This is what actually happened: I went inside, crept over to the shower (Where the puppies were being kept), and three little puppies looked up at me, and I swear, they looked at me like I was some god or something. I didn't register what problems I would cause if I took them out of the shower, put them on the floor with their cage, and took my shower really quickly.
My shower was going fine, the puppies were being appreciatively calm, and I was taking my shower. Half way through, though, Large Puppy started wailing as if someone had chopped of her poor legs and put lime on them. Shocked out of my stupor from the shower, I tried to calm her and reassure her that her legs were indeed not being chopped off and being tortured. But nooooo. This dog insisted that she wanted to cry and wail because she wanted to be back in the shower. She didn't simply want to be pet. She wanted to be back in the shower because for some reason, she understood in her tiny little puppy mind that her bed was still there and she wouldn't take no for an answer.
This awkward dilemma got even worse. As the wails and whines grew louder, my poor mom got woken up and I swear, she would have murdered me right there and then for waking her up at 5 AM if there hadn't been any puppies as witnesses. I took the puppies out of the bathroom, awkwardly wrapped in a towel, while my mom shot imaginary daggers at me every once in a while.
Once the puppies were out, I was free to continue my shower. I finished it as soon as I could to help my poor mother with the puppies, who had calmed down now and were sleeping contentedly in her lap outside of the bathroom. I got dressed and sort of cowered in the corner while my mom whispered soothing words into the puppies' ears. I asked her if I could do anything, to which she replied, "I don't know." The axe-murderer tone was clear in her voice. I then offered to towel dry the shower so that we could put the puppies back in there so they could shut up. My mom accepted this idea as decent and I rushed to clean the shower before my mom decided to kill me or something. Once everything was dry, I put their stuff back in the shower and proceeded to carry their tiny little selves back to their makeshift home.
It was now 6 AM and I had nothing better to do, so I decided to make some coffee since I only got 3 hours of sleep last night.
And currently my only life sustenance that I'm using is coffee and whatever little rest I got from my 3 hour slumber.