Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Heh, this was all for nothing.
I'm mad. I'm very, very mad.
But at least I'm laughing. Even though it's sardonic.
I'm still smiling.
I care, yes, but I honestly realized it wasn't worth it.
I'd really like to get a knife. A really dull knife.... Wait, no. Better, I'll use my freaking fingernails and SCRATCH HIS EYES OUT!
You have no idea how becoming that idea is to me right now.
I hope that when this is all over, that girl will break his stupid little heart.
He deserves it.
He broke mine many a time.
And he mended it again.
And then he broke it. Again.
Well, I hope he regrets it when he sees how happy I am.
I'm over him. Oh yes, you heard me. I'm over it.
And I SO hope I get to break his heart later on.

Tataa, my friends. Happiness awaits me.

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