Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blah blah blah

T.T I want Mockingjay so bad. I'm dying. I really think I am.

Anyways, I cosplayed as Glimmer today.
And my aunt is having her baby right now.
And I need a shower.
And apparently I'm in really bad physical shape.
And I want ramen >.<

Anyways, school is uneventful. I get homework every day and I don't have a clique. I'm actually fine with not having a clique. People were pressuring me on which to join. But then I decided that if I want to hang out with someone, I'll just do it. I don't want to have one group of people that I hang out with all the time. It's just not the way I do it.
Actually, school is extremely uneventful. I wish something -anything- would happen. spice things up a little, you know?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Uuuugh I hate doing autobiografies. A lot. My life is too... I don't want to write so much! And it's MY life. Mine. I'm just going to totally write down some crazy stuff such as:

I was born at a very young age of exactly zero years old in Mexico. It was October 20th, 1996, and at 4:44 AM.
At the very young age of one year old, I was kidnapped by chickens and was asked for a ransom of 25,000 galleons. My parents had to make a fundraiser to get me back, which consisted of washing cars and smashing pumpkins. Finally, a couple of months later, they paid back the ransom and I was sent home in one piece.
When I was two, my parents decided to leave to Europe and collect as many bottle caps as they could there. One day, I grabbed one and put it in my mouth. I started choking on it, and my parents rushed me to the hospital. I ended up throwing up, and projecting the bottle cap ten feet across the room. But I was unharmed.
On my third birthday, I ran into a wall playing tag with my friends, and cracked my head open. Again, I was rushed to the hospital and I got stitches. I now have a scar the shape of a lightning bolt.
At four years old, we moved back to Mexico, with exactly two million bottle caps collected. We sold them for a cent each. We ended up rich.
At five, I rode a hoverboard for the very first time. I was a prodigy at it. I only fell once. Ever since, I've been in 17 hoverboarding contests, and I've won 12 gold medals and was given the title "Champion".
A year passed, and I started going to school. I hated it. Also, I met my best friend.
At seven, I also went to school. I also hated it. But then I met a tribute from the Hunger Games named Finnick. He gave me his autograph. I still have it framed on my wall in my bedroom. Also, he's now in a book.
Two weeks after I turned 8, I got my lips stuck in a gate. My friends all laughed... And I had to sit there and wait until they called the fire department and they got me out with a crowbar and then I had to go to lip rehab where I met a kid named Paulo that got stung by a bee right on the lip! And I couldn't talk to him after his lips swelled down and he was polish, and I used to know three words in polish, but now I know four, because he taught me the word for lip. Usta!
I was 9 when I went into 3rd grade. And it was the worst experience of my life. No questions, please.
On my 10th birthday, I had a surprise birthday party where they made donuts! And I got a donut pyramid for a cake and it was delicious because it was donuts!
On my 11th birthday, I had a costume party. It was fun. 'Nuff said. Then we moved to Chapalalalala where we were closer to school.
When I was 12, I was going to a school in Chapalalalala where both my best friends were. I hated the uniforms but loved the school.
Then I was 13. And here I am. And I've gone through so much crap during my life that I don't care. And now I'm going to a school called Loyola and they asked me to write this autobiography so this is it. Here you go. Yay.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I like my friends

I like my friends. I appreciate my friends. I enjoy every single one of you guys, even those that don't follow me on Blogger. Thank you friends, for making me appreciate you and love you, because my friends are FREAKING AWESOME!

Here's to name the ones swimming around in my head:


Names of people chosen in random order.

Anyways, you guys rock and are awesome.
Domo arigato!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lovely Complex

So a while back, Mik was asking me if I ever watched something, a movie or whatever, and you felt that you related with a character in it a lot. Like you had the same personality, or problems, or simply reminded them of you. Well, I finally found that character: Nobuko Ishihara from Lovely Complex. Nobuko is Risa Koizumi's best friend. And Nobuko reminds me so much of me! I felt like I would react the exact same way that she did in some situations, and just the way she acted was like me. She had a short temper, but was always encouraging Risa to get together with Otani. She comforted Risa when things didn't work out, and she threatened to kill anyone that hurt Risa's feelings. When she was around her boyfriend, she was all lovey-dovey and head-over-heels in love with him. I would say that I wouldn't be *that* lovey-dovey and stuff, but most of her behavior reminded me of her. I was happy when I realized that.

Also, I think Lovely Complex is definitely going in my top 3 favorite animes. It was amazing. Did you know I'm as tall as Risa? 172 cm. I laughed at how she towers over everyone and thought that I would never survive in Japan since I'm that tall. Sad.

I mentioned this on my dA, but Otani is pretty much my dream guy. He's so charming *.* If only he were real! D: Otani! Become real! Be taller, though, please! LOVE MEEEEEEE! D':


Jack Skellington

Jack is seriously an amazing character. He's curious, dead, sweet, and clueless. I just like his character. He broke out of his world into an entirely different one. He wanted to make people happy so he tried to take over Christmas. Even though that didn't turn out so well, I still applaud him for trying. Jack Skellington makes me happy. I want Jack. Sally's pretty lucky.

Friday, August 13, 2010

No se...

Entonces... No se. Deveras no se. No se que estoy haciendo, ni se como me siento ahorita. Ok, si se como me siento ahorita. Me siento irritada. Cada vez que pienso en lo que pasó entre yo y Andres, solo me siento irritada. Con el. Y se que no tengo ninguna razon para sentir asi, pero eso es la verdad. Cada vez que el pone algo en FB, lo que sea, me siento irritada con el. Y eso no es justo, ya se. No se que hacer. Todavia no se ha registrado en mi mente que nos separamos. Y me estoy preguntando, como se siente el? Esta triste como yo, o esta bien? Esta feliz sin mi? No se... No se.

Pero tengo que dejar este tema en paz. No voy a molestarles hablando sobre mis problemas. Esto sera la ultima vez en que hablo sobre esto, te los prometo. Perdoname, solo... Necesitaba escribir. Necesitaba escribir lo que siento ahorita...

...Are you really feeling great?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Out to the sea

Out to the sea and over a rainbow,
Lies a sleeping heart.
Many years have come and gone,
Her memories long ago fell apart.
She's waiting for something,
Although she doesn't know what or why,
But she knows that it's nearby.
In the heart's slumber,
She has a little place to go
To try and remember what she's looking for.
Every day she will come,
Yearning for her memories to show,
Although she always comes back with none.
The heart is asleep, although she doesn't know.
Will the heart be trapped here forever?
Out to the sea and over a rainbow,
The heart is all alone.
No one will ever come for her,
Because she is in a place that can never be shown.
Forever the heart will sleep,
And silently will weep.
For her memories are forever lost,
Out to the sea and over a rainbow.


...I was trying to make this a sweet poem, ending with the heart finding its memories and being able to return from wherever it was, but... I'm not capable of making happy poems. I've tried. But something always turns out wrong, and ends sadly. I've always written depressing things. I feel sorry for the heart, now. I just created a story, which in my world, has now become reality. I just doomed and trapped this heart for eternity because of my inability to write it a happy ending...
...Am I making this a big deal? I'm sorry.



Out to the sea and over a rainbow,
Lies a broken heart.
He had been cheated and lied to,
His feelings torn apart.
He would wander around in isolation,
Giving up on life.
But fate had taken pity,
And it decided to end his strife.
It took him out of the sea from over the rainbow,
To where there was a heart in slumber.
She looked lonely and bare,
Her days looked numbered.
This sleeping heart was dying,
But the broken heart had fallen in love.
He thought of ways to wake the other,
So he gave her a gentle shove.
Nothing happened, so he sat down and thought.
There must be something that the sleeping heart sought,
Out to the sea and over a rainbow.


I guess that's a little better... But it's not over yet. I must write a happy ending for this.


The sleeping heart felt troubled,
She stirred in her sleep.
Surely there was a reason she felt so weak?
Her head began to spin,
She felt she might be dying,
In her dreams she was crying.
Was she waking up?
How could she tell?
She was stuck in her dreams,
She was under a spell.
And all of a sudden, out of the blue,
Came all her memories, all the last few.
The broken heart saw her stirring,
And he rushed to her aid,
He sat by her side,
And watched the darkness fade.
suddenly, the girl sat up,
And looked into the broken heart's eyes.
He stared straight back, full of surprise.
She felt something, and realized what it was.
This feeling, she knew, was called love.
Out to the sea and over a rainbow,
These hearts became souls.
These souls were in the form of people,
And they roamed their home together,
Out to the sea and over a rainbow.


Okay, the ending was not great. Actually, the entire poem was not great. But I managed to sort of make a happy ending. I didn't get it as great as I hoped because Keren-ha rushed me towards the end and I had to think of something quick, and that's why it doesn't really rhyme. Anyways, yeah... I feel a bit better now.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Man, I feel like making something. Drawing, writing, singing, you name it. I simply want to be creative. I've already drawn like, millions of things, yet I want to do more. I need to do something extremely satisfying and artistic. Art. Man, this is overwhelming. I have an idea though. It's not exactly artsy, but it will definitely be fun. But will my inner creativity be satisfied? We'll find out. But please, someone, give me an idea on something to draw. I'm dying here. I think the reason why I've been feeling so creative is because I finally get my drawing notebook after having lost it and not had it for over a year. It was in the States, for goodness sakes, stuck in a crevice of a couch at my grandparent's house. I mean, how much more random can you get?! Anyways, my fellow stalkers, tell me something to draw...!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Hmmm... This trip has been so much fun. It's going to be sad when I leave. We have over a thousand pictures on the camera of our trip. I'm not even kidding. It's been so much fun. I can't even describe it. *Sigh*, leaving... It's hard to think about. But I'm just going to enjoy this last day with my friends, and get the most out of this day as I can.

I have 2 new books! And it makes me so happy. I didn't realize how much I missed reading until I decided to buy some new books. I seriously haven't just sat down with a blanket and some hot cocoa and read a book in ages, and it makes me really, really sad. So I want to catch up on my reading. I started reading this one book, Incarceron, and it's really cool. I'm very excited to continue reading it. I'm about a third in already. *Sigh* Me and my books. They're something that will always be with me whenever I need them. They make me so happy. Sheesh, just reading this over shows how obsessive I am about books. Books... <3

I found some sweet deals at the Walmart in Lethbridge. First, "The Sims2 Double Deluxe", with the Sims2 game and 2 expansion packs for only 19 bucks. That is super cheap. I'm excited to install it when I get home. Second, "EXTREME SOUR WARHEADS." Oh yeah, you heard me. Warheads. Noah's going to be so excited when he hears about it. They're pretty awesome. If I scanned around Walmart again, I'm sure I'd find some other awesome stuff, but we're not going back to Lethbridge.

Speaking of that, Lily and I never went to the YMCA and translated :$ Oops... We had totally forgotten about it until... Who knows when. Crap. Lily doesn't really care, but I do, and I feel extremely bad for not going. Sorry...

So, apparently, the Starbucks in Canada is extremely bad. That really disappoints me. A lot. Mexican Starbucks is better. Haha, we rock <3.

Despite the fact that It's going to be really sad when I leave Canada, I'm looking forward to being home and just relaxing with my family and friends. And actually being able to go to bed at a reasonable time. I'm looking forward to that. I probably won't leave the house for a week after I get back. I'll just... Try and pull myself together, because I'm pretty sure I'm going to fall apart when I get home... *Sigh* me and my fragile emotions.

Well, spending time with Andrew and his family has been so much fun. All of his family is amazing. I really enjoyed being with them and getting to know them. I'll miss them.