Monday, August 2, 2010


Hmmm... This trip has been so much fun. It's going to be sad when I leave. We have over a thousand pictures on the camera of our trip. I'm not even kidding. It's been so much fun. I can't even describe it. *Sigh*, leaving... It's hard to think about. But I'm just going to enjoy this last day with my friends, and get the most out of this day as I can.

I have 2 new books! And it makes me so happy. I didn't realize how much I missed reading until I decided to buy some new books. I seriously haven't just sat down with a blanket and some hot cocoa and read a book in ages, and it makes me really, really sad. So I want to catch up on my reading. I started reading this one book, Incarceron, and it's really cool. I'm very excited to continue reading it. I'm about a third in already. *Sigh* Me and my books. They're something that will always be with me whenever I need them. They make me so happy. Sheesh, just reading this over shows how obsessive I am about books. Books... <3

I found some sweet deals at the Walmart in Lethbridge. First, "The Sims2 Double Deluxe", with the Sims2 game and 2 expansion packs for only 19 bucks. That is super cheap. I'm excited to install it when I get home. Second, "EXTREME SOUR WARHEADS." Oh yeah, you heard me. Warheads. Noah's going to be so excited when he hears about it. They're pretty awesome. If I scanned around Walmart again, I'm sure I'd find some other awesome stuff, but we're not going back to Lethbridge.

Speaking of that, Lily and I never went to the YMCA and translated :$ Oops... We had totally forgotten about it until... Who knows when. Crap. Lily doesn't really care, but I do, and I feel extremely bad for not going. Sorry...

So, apparently, the Starbucks in Canada is extremely bad. That really disappoints me. A lot. Mexican Starbucks is better. Haha, we rock <3.

Despite the fact that It's going to be really sad when I leave Canada, I'm looking forward to being home and just relaxing with my family and friends. And actually being able to go to bed at a reasonable time. I'm looking forward to that. I probably won't leave the house for a week after I get back. I'll just... Try and pull myself together, because I'm pretty sure I'm going to fall apart when I get home... *Sigh* me and my fragile emotions.

Well, spending time with Andrew and his family has been so much fun. All of his family is amazing. I really enjoyed being with them and getting to know them. I'll miss them.

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