Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lovely Complex

So a while back, Mik was asking me if I ever watched something, a movie or whatever, and you felt that you related with a character in it a lot. Like you had the same personality, or problems, or simply reminded them of you. Well, I finally found that character: Nobuko Ishihara from Lovely Complex. Nobuko is Risa Koizumi's best friend. And Nobuko reminds me so much of me! I felt like I would react the exact same way that she did in some situations, and just the way she acted was like me. She had a short temper, but was always encouraging Risa to get together with Otani. She comforted Risa when things didn't work out, and she threatened to kill anyone that hurt Risa's feelings. When she was around her boyfriend, she was all lovey-dovey and head-over-heels in love with him. I would say that I wouldn't be *that* lovey-dovey and stuff, but most of her behavior reminded me of her. I was happy when I realized that.

Also, I think Lovely Complex is definitely going in my top 3 favorite animes. It was amazing. Did you know I'm as tall as Risa? 172 cm. I laughed at how she towers over everyone and thought that I would never survive in Japan since I'm that tall. Sad.

I mentioned this on my dA, but Otani is pretty much my dream guy. He's so charming *.* If only he were real! D: Otani! Become real! Be taller, though, please! LOVE MEEEEEEE! D':


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  1. Wow! Nobu-chan, really? I stand surprised. That's really cool though. She's a fantastic character. ^^ And Otani is just... *sighs* I literally cried of happiness/jealousy on the episode when Otani finally gets his butt in gear and kisses Risa. Seriously. xD

    So glad you liked the series!