Thursday, August 12, 2010

Out to the sea

Out to the sea and over a rainbow,
Lies a sleeping heart.
Many years have come and gone,
Her memories long ago fell apart.
She's waiting for something,
Although she doesn't know what or why,
But she knows that it's nearby.
In the heart's slumber,
She has a little place to go
To try and remember what she's looking for.
Every day she will come,
Yearning for her memories to show,
Although she always comes back with none.
The heart is asleep, although she doesn't know.
Will the heart be trapped here forever?
Out to the sea and over a rainbow,
The heart is all alone.
No one will ever come for her,
Because she is in a place that can never be shown.
Forever the heart will sleep,
And silently will weep.
For her memories are forever lost,
Out to the sea and over a rainbow.


...I was trying to make this a sweet poem, ending with the heart finding its memories and being able to return from wherever it was, but... I'm not capable of making happy poems. I've tried. But something always turns out wrong, and ends sadly. I've always written depressing things. I feel sorry for the heart, now. I just created a story, which in my world, has now become reality. I just doomed and trapped this heart for eternity because of my inability to write it a happy ending...
...Am I making this a big deal? I'm sorry.



Out to the sea and over a rainbow,
Lies a broken heart.
He had been cheated and lied to,
His feelings torn apart.
He would wander around in isolation,
Giving up on life.
But fate had taken pity,
And it decided to end his strife.
It took him out of the sea from over the rainbow,
To where there was a heart in slumber.
She looked lonely and bare,
Her days looked numbered.
This sleeping heart was dying,
But the broken heart had fallen in love.
He thought of ways to wake the other,
So he gave her a gentle shove.
Nothing happened, so he sat down and thought.
There must be something that the sleeping heart sought,
Out to the sea and over a rainbow.


I guess that's a little better... But it's not over yet. I must write a happy ending for this.


The sleeping heart felt troubled,
She stirred in her sleep.
Surely there was a reason she felt so weak?
Her head began to spin,
She felt she might be dying,
In her dreams she was crying.
Was she waking up?
How could she tell?
She was stuck in her dreams,
She was under a spell.
And all of a sudden, out of the blue,
Came all her memories, all the last few.
The broken heart saw her stirring,
And he rushed to her aid,
He sat by her side,
And watched the darkness fade.
suddenly, the girl sat up,
And looked into the broken heart's eyes.
He stared straight back, full of surprise.
She felt something, and realized what it was.
This feeling, she knew, was called love.
Out to the sea and over a rainbow,
These hearts became souls.
These souls were in the form of people,
And they roamed their home together,
Out to the sea and over a rainbow.


Okay, the ending was not great. Actually, the entire poem was not great. But I managed to sort of make a happy ending. I didn't get it as great as I hoped because Keren-ha rushed me towards the end and I had to think of something quick, and that's why it doesn't really rhyme. Anyways, yeah... I feel a bit better now.


  1. I really like it Maya. You can definitely tweak it here and there, but you told a nice story and you really brought the characters to life. Edit it if you ever have the time and re post it. Once you're done editing it, put it up on DA. It is praise worthy to say the least.