Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What are you waiting for?

Sometimes I wish I could just give into insanity.

I stare at the ceiling, imagining what it would be like if the world were upside down and that was the floor.
My sanity has caught up to me. It always asks the strangest questions. "What are you doing?" it asks, although I'm not completely sure if it's actually interested in what I'm doing or if it's just trying to strike up a conversation.
"Waiting," I reply.
My sanity looks at me quizzically. "What are you waiting for?"
For some reason this question surprises me. I lean back against the wall, and imagine myself falling through it like empty air. "I don't know..."
My sanity sighs, probably wanting me to say something more intelligent than that.
"Are you waiting for anything?" I ask it.
"Yes," it replies.
The silence stretches out for a couple of minutes, and I decide to return to my insanity. I close my eyes and imagine myself in a cave, surrounded by puffer fish. They all greet me, and I recite poems for them. Once I'm finished, I start walking.
"Where are you going?" It's my sanity again.
"Home, I guess." I feel like we're playing 20 questions. I wait, although I don't know what for, and figure that eventually something will happen if I wait long enough. My vision blurs and I feel like I'm dozing off.
I feel like my brain is getting cloudy, stuffed with big cotton balls that are absorbing all my conscious thoughts.
"Wait, don't leave!" My sanity yells at me. I can't seem to decipher the words, but I manage to process the basic meaning. I turn around, my limbs feeling heavy.
"Wha?" I grunt.
"Don't leave me alone. Come," it gestures for me to come closer to it. I look blankly at my sanity, then follow obediently.
I walk closer, the small seconds it takes for me to reach my sanity feels like an eternity. I'm struggling to keep forward, and I've forgotten the reason why I'm walking. I stop, right in front of my sanity.
"I need you," my sanity whispers in my ear, "and you need me."
My sanity opens its arms, and pulls me into an embrace. "You need me..." It whispers again.
Suddenly I'm flooded with reason. I open my eyes and look around the room. It's perfectly normal. Not upside down or filled with strange fish.
It must have been a dream. Although I wouldn't know.
Strange enough, even if it was a dream, I can still feel the sanity embracing me softly, tenderly. I close my eyes again.
"I guess I was waiting for you."
Not exactly sure what inspired this. I guess an episode of Soul Eater and a story my friend told. So yep....


  1. That's really cool. Nicely done.

  2. I really super like this Maya! :)

    word verification: nomin.... lol!

  3. Wow,I thougt this was pretty neat! :)