Monday, December 12, 2011

This is how my brain works.

My life is so weird. So I'm sorta just gonna keep on writing until I figure out something interesting to talk about. Something about a dream is captivating my attention right now but I can't really remember what my dream was. I remember it was cool, though. That's it. I'm reading a book that is very interesting. It's like The Village meets Post-Zombie apocalypse meets... I don't know. The book. xP It's called The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Very interesting. So check it out sometime. I promised Alex I wouldn't go to bed until he did because he's all creeped out because of a nightmare he had and therefore only got half an hour of sleep and I feel sorry for him and so I'm staying up with him. What a good friend I am. ._. I'm so freaking excited for Mexico. I can't wait! I've been in need to see it again. I miss so much about it. Teenage dreams in a teenage circus... Blaah. Mkay. This is leading nowhere. I will stop boring you with a constant babble of an empty assembly of words. So, yeah.

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