Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yesterday I decided I really wanted to write a blog post. I'm not sure about what, but I just did. I can't believe it's already November. Time seems to pass so fast... I'm starting to see why adults tell you to enjoy childhood while you have it, because before you know it you'll be totally grown up. It's kind of scary. So, I've decided I'm going to enjoy the little amount of years of teenage-hood that I still have. I also can't believe I'm 14. Well, I guess I have an entire year to process that. But like I said, time passes by quickly. Ugh, I'm just running around in loops right now.

I've started reading the Percy Jackson series, and it's amazing. I need the next book! Today someone asked me if reading was my passion. I contemplated this, and it's definitely one of them. I have others, such as drawing and taking pictures, but reading's definitely up in my favorite 3. I really approve of reading. I need more books x3!

I just looked up lists of emoticons. I was so overwhelmed by the awesomess of so much EMOTICON INFO! xD

I'm losing the little bit of inspiration I had to write a blog post. I shall put this to an end. Tootles.

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