Sunday, January 30, 2011


I feel really nervous for some reason. It might be because I feel extremely caught up in homework and school and I'm really struggling to get my grades back, since my GPA probably got lowered considerably last bimester. I don't even know if I got a single 10 and I feel super bad. I also feel nervous because I need to apply to the Prepa in February, and with the grades I got I'm probably not going to get accepted. This bimester I'm trying really hard to get better grades but I feel like I'm not learning anything in math. Whenever I learn something new, I forget how to do something I had learned to do before. It sucks and I feel extremely worried about it.
Also, I feel nervous with getting the job at the modeling agency because I've never been really good at speaking with people I don't really know and I'm supposed to really put myself out there and pretend that I'm confident and qualified for the job. I have to go back to GDL tomorrow to speak with another person from Avenue and I'm extremely nervous.
Good news is, I'm doing better with my social life at school, but I need to learn how to keep up with my education too. I have no idea how people manage to maintain a steady job, social life and good grades at the same time.
I also feel nervous because I've never really done anything like this before on my own. I feel completely unprepared for the real world. I mean, Lily started working when she was 11 and she has a firm idea on how to get by by herself.
Meh, whatever. I'm sure I'll adjust eventually.


  1. You'll make it, Maya. Trust me. And not just make it, you'll blow the world away with rainbows of color and a torrential downpour of magic the likes the world has never seen before. You've got what it takes.