Wednesday, April 13, 2011


In spite of all the things that have happened in my life,
I have learned to get through it.
I don't know how or why,
I just survive it somehow.
It's probably not because of my strength,
Or my intellect,
Or simply me.
I guess it's that even though you feel like the world is going to end,
It keeps going.
It's not going to wait for you or me,
It's honestly not going to wait for anyone.
You just gotta go with it.
Maybe that's how I'm still here, breathing, thinking, living.
And I think that one of the greatest gifts we have
Is time.
How no matter what happens in this world,
The earth still turns,
The birds still sing,
The children still cry.
It doesn't matter what event happens,
It's always going to be going by,
Even when we have no earth to count it on.
It just goes on and on.

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