Thursday, July 14, 2011

All okay here

Everything is well on my end of the universe. No intergalactic one-eyed drunk monkeys to ruin my day. It's smooth sailing for now. Summer days are filled with library-acquired books, rather late nights and nonexistent mornings. I've always said I'm not a morning person. Hellooooo, 3 o'clock in the lovely afternoon! (Not really, the latest I've slept in is 2)
So yes, everything is alright. I don't know anyone, the only things I've purchased with my own money here is two french berets and three pins. Fun, eh? I still have those 120 pennies locked up safe in my drawer. 
I've been sort of catching up on my sketching, and I have definitely caught up with reading. Read 4+ books in less than a week. It made me oh-so happy :3 I have learned to bless and love libraries and hold those sacred buildings close to my heart. Why don't they have those beautiful knowledge infested buildings in Mexico? Downright shame. 
I miss Mexico though. My dreams still think I'm there. The other night I dreamed about my school, and I was miserable, but I missed it nonetheless. I  miss Keren-ha. I miss Mik. I miss Ruby and Cabo and CJ and even the cats. I miss my house and my bed and my desk and purple and blue walls. I miss the lake and I miss the air and I miss not having air conditioning and I miss the friends. I miss my life.
It sucks when you have to start from scratch.


  1. Ugh... We miss you, too. T.T
    Also, I know how you feel about libraries. Best invention man ever had, honestly. I love Vancouver because the city is infested with Libraries. C'mon, what more are you gonna do in Rain City?

  2. Miss you too =/
    Happy for you though =) *Jealous* xP