Thursday, October 6, 2011

At home.

Too many thoughts are coursing through my head. Love, life, education, recreation, memorization... My life has changed completely, yet it's all the same. A new home, a new school, a new country, new people...
Challenges have been presented to me these past few months. Some that I thought I would never be able to pass. I've gone through things that would have made me cower and run away before. Not just bad things, but good things. Things that I fear I'll mess up. If I take one wrong step, I'll ruin everything. I will fall off the small string of success that I've worked so hard to make. It's scary, but exhilarating. I look at every challenge with anticipation and motivation. Moving here has presented me to new ideas and ways of thinking. It's challenged me to make a life for myself.
I'm so content here. Even if I have a routine that I follow 24/7, it's relaxing. I've been doing good in school, I've made friends, I have an amazingly incredible boyfriend, I'm in a play, I have a church that I really feel at home with... Several years ago I was at home in Mexico, but it moved away from me. And now I'm here and I've found it again.
I'm just really looking forward to the future. I'm excited for all of it. I want to feel the excitement of opening night for the play, I want to reach the one month mark of being with Patrick, I want to take driver's ed, I want to get my report card and try hard to get good grades. I want to impress my parents. I want to build my life.
I'm so excited for the future, but the present is what's really important.

PS: My writer's block finally lifted :D

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