Friday, October 14, 2011

The Tears

My vision was blurred by tears... The small drops that fell from my eyes seemed to drown out everything else. I was barely aware of the hands clawing at me... The crawling fingers, reaching for the book that I was protecting with my body and soul. The book that mean life or death. I couldn't wipe away those black tears that seemed to make my breathing shallower and shallower... The book was grasped tightly in my hands, my fingernails digging into the ancient leather binding, scraping against the ruby in the center.
"Child of the Damned," whispered the voice behind me, "the book does not belong to you." Malice and death slithered from its lips. Menace was in the voice's words. Yet I did not let go of the book. How could I, when I spent my entire life guarding it? No, I would not give up.
Yet the tears... They burned. They burned into my skin and soul. What sort of devil's work was happening here?
The demon grasped my hand and pried at my fingers. I screamed and thrashed, wanting nothing but for this to end. I knew this was no nightmare; how could I think up something like this?
My fingers bled. The demon was screeching at me, making the tears come out more, burning my flesh. I could feel it. Yet I gripped the book with all my strength... But it was not enough.
I didn't know if it was the pain that wracked my whole body or the demon that was hunched at my side, still beating me and attempting to break my fingers to get to the book that made me give in. I could not endure these tears. My eyes burned, I could no longer see the demon that was ripping at me with tooth and claw. I could no longer feel the book in my hands....
...The book...
My eyes snapped open. The demon was still in my line of vision. I could see it. I had let the book go-!
I don't know how I had the strength, but I lunged towards it. Too far away...
The demon was grinning and jumping around. The soulless creature stroked the binding of the book and flipped it open. I cringed and waited to feel a piece of my soul be torn out of me as it always did... But nothing happened. I didn't feel the pain that was so terrible... So fatal.
The demon did not scream like I had anticipated it to. It read the book.
So I screamed.
I pulled out my dagger and threw it straight at the demon, right in the temple of its leathery skull. It dropped the book and disintegrated into dust.
I scrambled to the book, and gently ran my fingers along its blood streaked cover. The tears came back, yet this time they did not burn.

A/N: This was inspired by listening to Kanon Wakeshima. I have no idea why I write such gruesome stuff, I really don't. I'm actually in a really happy mood right now.
But anyways, this is sort of a sequel to my post "Nightmare." The book. I'm always compelled to write about it. Also, I'm exercising my brain for NaNoWriMo. Comment your thoughts, good or bad. I don't really care.
PS: Is it sad that it took me 3 hours to write this??

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