Sunday, October 3, 2010

How come it's so hard to come up with a decent blog title!?

With the new month started, school started, life continuing, I'm feeling pretty good. Although I have school tomorrow and I haven't finished all my homework. Geez, sure shows you not to be dependent on people. I mean, I need those results, people! Ugh.
Anyways, I was staying at this pretty rich guy's house while my dad was house sitting it, and man, was that place cool! A 200 inch movie screen, around 4 42 inch plasmas, 3 stories high, a pool on the roof, guitar hero, a cubby, etc! It was AWEsOME! Yeah, it was cool.
And now I'm home, and I'm dreading doing homework and going to school tomorrow, and I'm talking to a friend and I'm telling him to make a blog, and I'm writing this blog, and asking people questions about homework, and thinking how Mockingjay could have been sooo much better and blah blah blaaaah!

Geez... I didn't even have coffee recently. You energetic shrub, you. ... shrub? ...I have no idea.


I'm so booooooored!

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  1. *laughs* We all have our days Maya, trust me xD