Friday, September 17, 2010

Gibberish and Playpens-- My personal favorite.

I'm feeling better. I don't feel like my whole world is going to fall apart now. I'm getting used to life and it's twists and turns. It's just another chapter in life, you know? Despite how much you'd like to put the book down and break away from it for a while, you can't. You keep on reading. You have to. And the story goes on. And then it reaches a new chapter.
As you can probably tell, I've been doing a bit too much reading recently....
My life today consisted mainly in locking myself in my room, listening to music, reading and eating. Ugh it's so boring.

My soul is like a storm:
My path is unclear,
My voice strong as thunder.
Running through this chaos,
My heart drenched, cold, dead down under.
I'm under water, splashing,
Trying to break free.
The rain is beating down,
Hailing relentlessly over me.
The is lightning inside my being,
screaming to be let loose.
This splash of emotions is too strong,
My mind can't take all this abuse.
Every single thought is its own little raindrop,
A downpour of confusion from one single girl.
Tell me... Will it ever end?
My soul. The never ending storm...
Will it ever die down to a simple sprinkle?
At such a young age, yet so terribly worn.
...My soul is exactly like a storm.

Hah, no. That wasn't one of my emo poems. It's my english homework. "Write a poem about rain using these words!" >.>" Thanks, Teacher stella, you sure made my day by annoying me >.>"""""

And hey-- she annoys me so friggin' much, why not channel my emotions into my work? ...Just like Cinna... T.T He died... D': *sobs*

Uuuuuughabuuuuugh I hate english now. I used to LOVE IT! I called it my favorite subject! But now it's tortuuure! TORTURE I TELL YOU! The most annoying teacher in this whole God-blessed world. Geez, I mean, couldn't they have hired someone with less of an obnoxious and annoying nature?

Coursing through my veins
Life on a raindrop
Moonlight on your face
Dreams of heaven
Lying broke free
Wings of love
Missiles detonated
Detours and darkness
Perfect roses
Fresh purple
Dolls from China
Honestly cried
Ears buzzing
Bows and arrows
One kiss in the dark
Your first chapter
Accepting the dice
Life and light
He made my own chaos
Crescent stars
They're treasured
Your own Cheshire Cat
sincerity or not
Chocolate pudding
Gibberish and playpens
Pencils and coffee

Those were... Random phrases and words going on in my mind. several would make a good poem title, I think. Or something. Anways, I like making long posts, but I think I'm gonna skidaddle now.

But first, I'm reading Maximum ride, and it's the best book I've read recently. It gave me the effect of "DON'T PUT THE BOOK DOWN!" And I haven't gotten that much lately. It's nice being to read nonstop. Heh. Anyways, over and OUT!

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