Saturday, June 19, 2010


HOORAY HOORAY! One thing that will ALWAYS make me happy is an anime convention. So I dressed up all girly, and I seriously looked like Little Bo Peep.
Okay, so I met: JAMES KYSON-LEE. FREAKING JAMES KYSON-LEE!!!!! I freaked out. I got in line to talk to him and get my picture with him, and when I did actually talk to him, I was... Speechless... I was stuttering and GAH! IT WAS JAMES KYSON LEE! AKA, Ando from Heroes. So we talked, and it was soooo cool! But when I was going to get my picture taken, some lady said I couldn't :(... So I don't have a picture with him. But I did meet him! :D

And I met the Honey-sempai cosplayer again!!! We exchanged emails and stuff, and I was sooo happy!

Also, it's decided. I'm going as Maka from Soul Eater next anime convention. She looks freaking awesome.

I'm so pooped now. -.- But I had so much fun.

If you want to look at the pics I took, look at them on Facebook, because there are WAY too many to put up here. OH! There were these awesome guys that did flips though! These are really short clips.

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