Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer days

Was in the spring, and spring became summer.

Ah, it's summer. Well, it has been for a while, but it's still summer. The time where people go to the beach, pool parties, sleep in and not have to worry about their homework. It's a good time. I've been hanging out with friends a lot lately, and it's so much better than lazing around the house 24/7. It's an exciting time. And in 18 days (!!!!!!!!!! :D) I'm going to Canada! Wow, I can't believe before we were at 108. Or even 145. Thank goodness time passes. I'm really excited to go. It's going to be a blast.

I need to get my Soul Eater scythe made really soon. Like, really soon. I should do that on Friday. Hmm...

I really haven't been writing in my blog all that much lately. It's just that there's nothing I can really talk about. I'll think of an interesting subject soon. I hope.

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