Tuesday, June 15, 2010

True Colors

I am bored. I've been bored all day. And I'm full because I made pancakes. And the song True Colors is stuck in my head. And I don't feel so good. And I still have to come up with my Alice costume. And HOLY CRAP! AW, I FORGOT TO CALL MIK! *Smacks head* ARGH. And I got yelled at a lot today. Because I left the pancake batter out. And that the screen doors were open. And that I didn't know why my family wanted to kill a Chris Muller (I know now that they wanted to kill him because he beat up one of my mom's co-worker's kids). And that I ate on the couch. And that I didn't feed the guinea pig. And that I didn't put the plums and apples in the right place. And that I didn't help put stuff away right away. I got yelled at today :(.

Hooray for all that crap ^.


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