Saturday, June 12, 2010

Immortal Jellyfish

So, I haven't been blogging as much as I would like to, and short posts really depress me for some reason, so I'm going to write a long blog today...

The Turritopsis Nutricula, otherwise known as the immortal jellyfish, is the only known living creature on this planet to be able to reverse to its polyp state after becoming an adult. It repeats this process for an indefinite time, making them immortal. So, considering this, the Turritopsis Nutricula are silently taking over the world. They are inhabiting other seas, spreading from their native habitat, the Caribbean. They will dominate. The. World. They will grow legs, so they can walk on earth, then, once the land and sea is taken over, they will create a super-suit, allowing them to go to space and take over the other planets. They're not just going to take over the world, they are going to take over. The. Universe.
The immortal jellyfish are tiny and bell-shaped. They measure 4.5 millimeters.

And... That's all I feel like writing about today. Wasn't so long, but I tried. Anyways, tootles.

PS: Bohemian Rhapsody= Best music ever.

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