Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gurgle, what's in the title?

...What? I don't get that.

I'm kind of sad. A friend I made at the anime convention hasn't added me to MSN... And I'm worried that he wrote it in wrong. Goodness, the double "S" in my email always confuses people. So he's either forgotten, lost the email, not gotten to do it yet, or entered it wrong thinking it was right. It's kind of saddening. I'll just have to wait then.

So I met a girl, Tyler, and she's Leslie's niece. She's pretty cool. I simply can't believe that she doesn't really like Leslie. Okay, maybe she doesn't not like her, she just doesn't know her very well. It's kind of sad. But all in all, she's a cool person. She's Japanese! ^^

On another note, I'm... pretty much broke. And I have almost no spending money for Canada. Guh. I gotta stop spending it all!

I can't think of anything else to write about. I'm totally stoked for the next anime convention, though. I'm going as Maka from Soul Eater next time. And when IS the next anime convention?! Some say it's in August, others in September, and others in October... WHICH IS IT?! It's quite frustrating.

Oh well.

That's it.

Game over.

I'm done with this post now.


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  1. I'll investigate the dates for ya. You have to promise to take lots of pictures for me! And you better get working on that cosplay now! Trust me, making the scythe wont be easy. If we get together, I can help you!