Monday, May 10, 2010


So Keren-ha came over... It made me happy. So, there's this ring, and it's a snake, and it like, wraps around your finger and I'm going to go back to the malecon and buy it because it's the coolest freaking thing I've ever seen. Happy Mother's day, by the way... I need to clean because the land lady is coming over tomorrow, but I am SO tired. Goodness, it's the heat's fault. It's seriously annoying me. *Sigh* Hottest month of the year...

Life is... Okay... I haven't gotten any sleep this weekend, and that's somewhat my fault for being social and all. But I really wish I didn't have school tomorrow because I feel like I could drop down dead at any minute... And I still have to clean.

So you know what really bothers me? Distance. I mean, pretty much all the people I really care about are either away or going away. It's like this strange juju crap is taking them away from me. I want it to stop. Because it takes a LOT of effort to see them again. You have to get money, or beg your parents, see if the people are even available, or you simply don't see them at all. I mean, that's depressing. And not fair. "It's a small world" does not mean that it's a cheap world. Everything is so expensive, complicated; I mean, if you have the money, you still have to get the papers to be able to leave or come in to the country. It's just not right. Everyone always complicates things. And distance sucks.

I have flea bites on my foot... So guess what I need? Clothes. I need lots and lots of clothes. And I need to get rid of the ones I have. I just need an entirely new wardrobe... But at least I have a new shirt. But still. Agh, it's back to the money thing again.

"Take me away, jump in the car, drive 'till the gas runs out and we've gone so far that we can't see this place anymore...."

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