Friday, May 21, 2010

Elbow Licking

Haha, yeah... There's this psychological test, that if you lick someone's elbow while they're not paying attention, they won't even notice... Meagan and I tried out that test today... It works xD. Haha, yeah. I did lick people's elbow. But it was SO hilarious to see them not even move, notice or anything. We laughed our heads off, and then decided to tell the victims. Who knew licking an elbow could be so fun?! 'Twas funny indeed...

Anime convention tomorrow, and luckily I didn't end up having to write my sentences OR end up grounded. My mom actually suggested that I just photocopy the words I already have and give those to her... I love my mom. So yeah, I'm dressing up as Misa, and I'm so excited. Too bad Meagan can't come... Oh well. I'll live... I think. :P Anyways... I don't have much to talk about. I want to write or draw, but I feel like my skills aren't good enough. Well, at least in drawing. So sad... -.- Maybe I'll be more experience later. I hope so. I look at my drawings, and think, "these are children's scribbles." ....

Okay, press Control Paste and see what comes up, if anything comes up. Lily, what have you been SEARCHING? Lindsey Lohan? Yeah, I know sis. I know. *Gives Lily a watchful glare/glance*

Yeah, it's pretty obvious I'm bored. Meh. Oh well. I'll find something entertaining to do. I've pretty much been reading and watching anime all day. It all bores me once I've read 100+ pages in one day.


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  1. I was NOT looking up Lindsey Lohan. Sheesh. Perhaps it was Noah.