Thursday, May 20, 2010

Writing Sentences

So you know what I hate doing? Yeah, the title kind of gave it away, but I HATE writing sentences. Especially when you have to do 500 by the next day. Yeah, I love you and all, Miss Janice, but that's really annoying. I have a life, too you know ¬¬... I wonder what happens if you don't do your sentences... Ugh, I don't want to know. I started out having to write 200, "I will wear my proper uniform", but then, 1 day later, "Maya, you haven't written your sentences yet. You now have 500 to write and your mom has to sign it." ¬¬ GO AWAY!!! Ugh, so yeah, I have to write 500 sentences, and I barely have like... 70 done so far. And here I am, writing on my blog and procrastinating. Ugh, I just DON'T want to do it! Would she give me more if I didn't turn them in tomorrow, or would she call my parents? I would much rather her just calling my parents and getting it over with.

Anime convention on Saturday, I hope I'm not grounded or something before then. Wish me luck, and hope that my wrist doesn't hurt later. ¬¬

1 comment:

  1. Write, girl, write! For the sake of an anime convention, you MUST write!