Monday, May 17, 2010

Peanut Butter Anthem

Zahra eats peanut butter like children eat cake,
No matter what you do, hide it or it will be hers to take.
Hide it under the bed, hide it under the stairs,
And if you have to, even hide it in your underwear.
"PROTECT THE PEANUT BUTTER!" You hear the war cries,
Because no precious jar is safe from her eyes.
She can go through a hundred spoons in one day,
She´ll eat it no matter what you say.
"It´s poisoned!" But she´ll eat it all,
And no more peanut butter will be this world´s downfall.
So, "PROTECT THE PEANUT BUTTER" With all your might,
Take up arms, prepare for the fight!
The monster Zahra, yes that´s her name,
We´ll tie her up, and her tongue we´ll maim!

Written by Maya and Mik >:)

Hehe, inspired by Zahra eating peanut butter (obviously), no offense to her, just made for laughs... Oh it´s so fun hanging out with Mik.

ANIME CONVENTION ON SATURDAY! :D I´m excited. A lot. I´m dressing up as Misa from Death Note... It´s going to be fun. Hopefully we´ll get to dance NKNG there... It´s going to be great XD...

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