Thursday, May 6, 2010

Edited version (Made into a song) of my previous poem.

I'm lying here, scrapes on my arms,
Remembering all of the world's harms.
I can't breathe, it hurts too much,
Death seems so close it's something I could touch.
It was our masks to blame,
I thought I could stop its evil flame.
We live our lives,
fully disguised,
Never showing what people want to see.
You stare at my mask, trying to figure out what is inside of me.

My mask is red as the blood that was shed for someone like you,
My life is covered with lies, only to protect the true.
This world of masks is falling apart,
Faster than it is breaking my heart.
This world of lies...
This world of lies!

The tears are hidden, out of sight,
My eyes are trying to see the hidden light.
For even here, light wears a mask,
And finding it is a difficult task.
You're hiding behind a shield of lies,
Where no one can hear your bitter cries.
This world is coming to a very sad end,
You'll never see a single friend again.


No one can hear your silent plea,
No one knows you're saying the same as me.
But even we're not too far away,
So I take off my mask and start to pray.
"I will see you once more",
"Because I know that there's an open door."
Alas, my strength is fading,
I have no more will to survive.
I hope that I will be the sacrifice to keep you alive.

The world turns into darkness,
One darker than the one in this place,
And I cry out because I will never see your face.
Those masks we wear stopped me from seeing,
Our souls that will never stop being.
I never got to see what you meant to me,
Because that cloak of secrets never showed what I wanted to see.


I can feel the cold coming in,
So much more powerful than my horrible sins.
I start to scream, but it's too late,
And it has no intentions to wait.
I take my last breath,
And so suddenly I am embraced by death.


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