Friday, May 7, 2010

Natsu Koi Natsu Game!

So, today, for school time, was pretty depressing. The Evil Step Mother returned from hell and brought her demon child with her. Yay, right? And other socially worrying things and crap like that were on my mind. So let's skip to the fun stuff.

We went to Mik's, and got our costumes on and put on our make-up. Took a while, but it was FREAKING AWESOME!!! I had really fun getting ready.

So we went to the malecon and started filming. We had lots of fun, but alas, we weren't perfect enough to put on Youtube. So we're going to come back tomorrow and try to do it again.
After we filmed at the stage, we were hot and sweaty and wanted CHOCOLATE MILK. So after our tedious journey to the house, we got the milk out of the cold wastelands of the place called Refrigerator, conjured up some chocolate milk from nothing, and poured ourselves a nice, fresh glass of yummy glory. Mmmm....
Hah, we got to play karaoke. Wanna hear us???

Obladi Oblada!!! Haha, I had fun singing, but man, was my throat sore after singing so much. Haha, I was so proud, I got a 100/100 2 or 3 times... In a row... I felt awesome (Mainly because I was the only one who did that) Sorry, I had to boast a little. But yeah, it was fun. I need to learn the choreography to the dance better, but we'll get it down. Hopefully by tomorrow. So yeah. And life isn't being very nice to me lately. So there we go.

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