Sunday, May 16, 2010

iPod! :D

I HAVE AN IPOD :D!! Yay for Lily and Mom; Lily for helping Mom understand why I need an iPod, and thanks to Mom for actually selling it to me for only 400 pesos... So I get an iPod now, and I'm happy. Maybe this is a magical blog that gives me everything I say I need... In that case, I need a laptop... :P Hehe, I'm so... Spoiled. But anyways, now maybe I can show more appreciation for music now that I have a better music player... And it's MINE! :P

We re-filmed Natsu Koi Natsu Game, and that was... Fun... We got a whole big crowd around us cheering for us... And it was funny... Filming, wasn't so great. We were tired, wanted to go home, and the camera work wasn't all that great. So we're coming back (AGAIN) to do it again... Oh well, like Mik says, we all need to be satisfied with the video for it to be good enough. So we're coming back. Anyways, I thank Mik a million times for living in a house with a swimming pool. Made my life so much cooler (Literally).

...Aaaaand... I'm going to the beach with Meagan in June... :D

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  1. ^^ Glad to see the positive attitude. And congrats on the ipod! And congrats on going to the beach in June :D